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Cleaning for a Cause, LLC

Residential Cleaning Packages


Maintenance Clean


Baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds,

electronic screens, decor, etc.*


All Floors

Vacuum & Mop


Clean and disinfect sinks, countertops, outside cabinets, inside microwave & outside of other appliances



Toilet, shower, tub, sinks, countertops, outside cabinets, mirrors, baseboards


Wipe down main furniture surfaces and glass surfaces.

* Dusting may be rotated for bi-weekly service

Initial Deep Clean

Standard Clean +

Detailed dusting

Clean baseboards

Doors, frames, light switches

Move In/Out Clean

Deep Clean +

ALL Add On Services

Deep Clean

Add-on Services

Inside windows

Spot clean walls

Clean vents

Inside refrigerator

Inside oven

Inside dishwasher

Move & clean under large kitchen appliances

Inside kitchen cabinets/drawers

Inside bathroom cabinets/drawers

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